Wetsuits in Marathon Swimming

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Paul Lundgren # Scott Zornig, the president of SBCSA, published What’s wrong with Marathon Swimming? The link was posted on Facebook. It kind of drove me crazy. So, I replied. Below is my edited and now public response… I think this topic is worthy of public discussion, maybe with a little more sensitivity. I’m glad you wrote the article Scott, though I, a bit more than slightly, disagree. I do wish to add my two cents. ...

Zhang Jian: Bohai Bay

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Swimmer and Support Team # Swimmer: Zhang Jian Support Crew: Observer: (?) Zhu Yucheng Route Definition # Route type: one-way Start: Lushun in Northeast China’s Liaoning Province Finish: Penglai shore, Shandong Province Route distance: 68.2 miles (109.75 km) Rules, Conduct, Equipment # hooded wetsuit Swim Data # Topline Results Start: August 8, 2000, 07:50 or 08:00 (?) Finish: August 10, 2000, 10:22 Elapsed: 50 hours, 22 minutes (? ...