Veljko Rogošić: Adriatic Sea, Grado to Riccione

Veljko Rogošić: Adriatic Sea, Grado to Riccione

Route #

  • Body of Water: Adriatic Sea
  • Route type: one-way
  • Start: Grado, Italy
  • Finish: Riccione, Italy
  • Route distance: ~194 km

Swim Data #

  • Start: August 29, 16:11 local time
  • Finish:
  • Elapsed: 50 hours, 10 minutes

Logs and Documentation #

Swim documentation apparently held privately by Guinness World Records, who list the swim as the “longest distance ever swum without flippers in open sea.”

Note: the distance reported by Guinness World Records (225 km) is noted as “by GPS,” which is not the standard method of distance measurement in open water swimming.

Video #

Media Coverage #

Poreš #

Veljko Rogošić, legend, crossed Grado - Riccione = 205km!

Translated from Croatian via Google Translate

Exactly one year and three days after crossing the Croatian side of the Adriatic, from Savudrija to Punta Oštra to Prevlaka, the tireless Rogošić managed to set a new world record (now unofficial) in outdoor swimming without additional equipment (fins, masks, …)

On August 29th, at 16.00 and 11 minutes, Rogošić left the Italian town of Grado (30 kilometers from Trieste) in the direction of Riccione, below Rimini.

Veljko Rogošić was swimming in a relatively straight line, so that he was passing along the territory of the territorial waters of the Republic of Croatia in the direction of Rimini. According to international rules, the swimmer must not touch the boat or get out of the water during such a business, so Rogošić took drinks and food in the sea, and in this way did as many as 14 smaller meals, primarily fruit rich in carbohydrates and water.

After exactly 50 hours and 10 minutes of swimming, Veljko Rogošić drove to Riccione, below the famous Italian resort of Rimini.

According to the pilot’s measurements accompanying, it was over 205 km, and deviations of up to 225 km!

In the course of swimming, the wind was mostly followed by the northern wind, and in the night of Wednesday, on Thursday, he was swimming by the storm. Luckily, the wind blew in his back, and the sea currents in that part of the Adriatic Sea went from Trieste to the south of Italy.

The sea temperature ranged from 24 to 25 degrees while the air temperature was below 16 degrees Celsius.

According to the Guinness Book of Records, the world record for outdoor swimming in the open sea was held by Australian Susie Maroney, who on June 1, 1998, aged 24, covered 197 km without additional equipment from Mexico to Cuba at 38 hours and 33 minutes , in the protective cage.

Given that Rogošić was accompanied by an international commission and that the venture was recorded with a video camera, we believe that there will be no problem with obtaining the official Guinness Book of Records records of the new world record in marathon swimming.

More information is expected after the return of Veljko Rogošić and the accompanying team to Croatia, and we hope that we will be able to greet him on Saturday in the Porec Dolphin.